Guide to Winning Jackpots on Slot Machines

What is a Jackpot?

There are two types of jackpots that you can find in slot machines: normal jackpot and progressive jackpot. The regular jackpot is the winning combination that brings you the biggest win for that particular slot, while the progressive jackpot is an entirely different thing. While the regular jackpot is a set amount, the progressive one grows (progressively) with every bet made by any player in the world that plays that slot. A small part of each bet made on that progressive slot goes into a pool that will be won by a single player at some point. Progressives can reach huge sums, millions even, while jackpots can be in the thousands but the amount will only chance depending on your bet amount (for £1 bet you might get a £100 jackpot, but for £100 you will get £1000 and so on).

Do all slot machines feature a jackpot?

Yes. All of them have a regular jackpot, which might be bigger or smaller depending on the game, but only a couple of them are progressives. You will see which ones are progressives by looking for changing numbers above the reels. Some games even have up to four progressive jackpots in play. They will be clearly shown and explained on every game.

How do I win a jackpot?

If we’re talking about a regular jackpot then the way to win it is usually to land five of a kind of the highest paying symbol on an active payline. Some games have the jackpot set during free spins where you also get a multiplier or a special kind of wild or symbol. This means that you will have to activate free spins and then land that pre-set combination.
Progressive jackpots can be won randomly or with a winning combination just as the normal ones. The thing is that the only way to win the progressive is to play at max bet either way it won’t count.

Play with All Pay Lines Activated to Increase your Chances of Winning

If you want to make sure that you have the best chances of winning, then you need to cover all your bases. This means that if an online slot has X paylines then you need to bet on all of them. Not betting on all of them can result in landing good combinations but not winning on them which would be highly frustrating. Plus if the game has a progressive jackpot then you have no chances of winning it and this defeats the whole purpose of playing on progressive slots.

We’ve made a small top 5 jackpot slots for you:

  • Secret Forest – 9000x
  • Aztec Gold – 100.000x
  • The Fates – 1000x
  • Fruit Frenzy – 10.000x
  • Haunted House – 1.800x

All these sums are multiplied depending on your line bet.
These games all have great regular jackpots that you can easily win. They also have some good RTPs and fun themes that you can enjoy. Landing five of a kind of the highest paying symbol will bring you that jackpot. The added bonus features can only help you win even more. All you need is luck and you’re good to go.

Try Free Play Mode First and Always Read the Rules

Before you ever start playing an online slot for real you need to practice first. This means playing it for free in demo mode so that you can get used to it and see how it works. You get to read all about its rules and find out how you can land the jackpot so that when you’re playing for real you know what to expect of it. You can then adjust your bets accordingly and know what combinations are the best and how you can also trigger the bonus features.

Always Play Progressive Jackpot Slots with the Highest Possible Bet

Progressive jackpot slots have a lower RTP and very high volatility. While this doesn’t mean you won’t theoretically be able to win the progressive, it means that other smaller wins will come in seldom as well. So, if you’re not playing them to win the progressive there’s no point in playing them for the small wins. In order to have chances of winning the progressive you have to play at maximum bet. If you don’t have the max bet and can’t win the progressive then playing them isn’t worth it, so there’s just no point in playing them at all.

Use Bonus Offers

Whether you’re playing regular jackpot or progressive jackpot games bonus offers can help you out. It’s important, however, to choose the right promotion for you. This means you need to check out the terms and conditions and the wagering requirements and see if all of them work for you. Getting a great bonus that pairs well with the game can really help you and you could even end on a high note. On you not only have some great top jackpot games, but you can also get some epic spins bonuses to go with them. Check them out!

Guide to Winning Jackpots on Slot Machines
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