New Casinos

New casino sites in 2018

In the battle of new versus established opinions are quite divided. Can new casinos rise to the challenge and be as good as established ones? Can they even beat them and be the best? Sure, the best new slot sites have so many good things going for them that you won’t believe you haven’t tried them yet. Check them out, give them a shot!

What to expect from new casino sites?

Only the best. If you find a new UK casino that has all the right licenses and is part of a good group or a good company then you can expect top quality. Because they are new on the market they will try a lot harder than established casinos. This means that they will only bring you the best and the newest games from top software providers, they will have the best promotions because they need to draw in as many players as possible and they will offer top-notch support as well.

Playing slots with new casinos

Since they are just starting out they won’t have the resources and the time to have all the games. This means that not all games will make the cut. So they will only bring you the best of the best games and the newest additions from all top providers. Thus, the slots that make the cut will also be the ones that have the highest payout percentages and the best bonus features.

With high RTPs you already have more chances to win so things will be a lot more fun and a lot more productive. They will also help you out with promotions and you have great chances to land some slot sites no deposit bonuses and other amazing bonuses. From welcome bonuses to no deposit free spins you should be able to claim anything you want.
If you like some more obscure games they will probably take a while to get to them, but eventually they should have those too. Until then you can always play online slots with great RTPs.

As we were saying the bonus offer for popular slots on new sites is amazing, not that established casinos don’t have great free spins bonuses, but they are trying less hard because they already have a lot of loyal players. Plus, you’ve probably already claimed their welcome bonus and the hard to find no deposit bonuses.

The current jackpot is the same at both of them because the progressives and the regular ones have nothing to do with the casino itself and the software provider decides what they are.
The only difference you might find is in the bonus features for new slots and beloved ones because older casinos might not have the slots with the best bonus features, but they new ones will make sure they do.

What is more, the new ones will also get the latest updates in technology and be the first ones to bring you VR games and more.
All in all, if you find a great new slot site you should stick with it because it’s going places fast because it has to make up for all the time the established ones have had. This means doing in month what others have done in a year, if they want to be competitive and make a name for themselves in the industry.

Latest casino bonuses for new casinos

These are the main kinds of bonuses that you will find in new casinos that you have less chances of getting at popular casinos:

  • Free spins no deposit bonuses
  • Welcome packages
  • No deposit bonuses
  • Referral bonuses

Withdrawal times and services should be quick to act and you should find that everything works flawlessly because they want to make sure you’ll like them and come back again, maybe even bring some friends. Furthermore, the wagering requirements are lower for the same reasone. This means that you have better chances of making a profit by claiming bonuses from new casinos than you would have with popular ones.

How to review a new casino?

There are many things that make a casino great. But if we were to settle on just a couple of bullet points that would make a serious difference and would help you review a casino and decide if it’s for you than these are the things to look after:

  • Strong welcome package for new players
  • The software that powers the new casino
  • Casino license for UK sites
  • Deposit and payment options
  • Mobile gaming options
  • Customer support availability
  • Quality of bonuses

If these things are all met then you have found a strong contender. Not all casinos will follow and have all these things, but the more, the merrier. It’s important if you find a casino that doesn’t have all of them to decide for yourself what’s the top priority and see if it checks at least those options.

Have fun when playing

A gambling addiction is serious and should be treated accordingly. If you aren’t enjoying playing online slots the way you used to, if you’re doing it strictly for the bankroll and feel like you’re losing control you should talk to a specialist.

It’s important that you have fun when you play and that you practice responsible gambling.